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Jewelry Making

Hello, Today Georgie had a great time making a necklace with staff. We chatted and sang along to Frank Sinatra. Georgie knew all the words. She liked the necklace so much she wanted to wear right away. Enjoy, Stephanie

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Hello everyone, Georgie has been loving the warmer weather. We got outside early today for a walk, then came home and Georgie helped us water the flowers. We spent some time out front drinking coffee and enjoying the wonderful weather. Hope everyone is having a good day, Jenna Jenkins

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Day at Como Conservatory

Hello, Today Georgie and I went out to Como Conservatory and for a walk in the park. Georgie liked the purple flowers in the sunken garden and watching all the children walk around. There were a few field trips going at the time. Attached are some pictures from our day out. Krys

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