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6 Key Things You Should Know About Memory Care Facilities

It is diagnosed in about 10 million people worldwide per year. It progressively robs people of their mental and physical functioning, as well as having a direct impact on their family. It’s dementia. While it’s a serious condition, there is caregiver help available. There are also specialized facilities that are equipped to properly care for seniors with cognitive decline, and…

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Feedback on Arthur’s Senior Care

What have our clients and their family members said about our services?  The words they have used to describe us fit nicely into this acrostic: A – Accountable.  We meet and exceed the expectations of our assisted living license.  Our record keeping and data collection gets outstanding feedback from hospice workers, families, fiduciaries, guardians, and…

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An Unexpected Discovery

That moment when you realize you’re different… And it’s not just me, the Director of Development.  It’s the owners, the Chief Operating Officer, the HR Director, the Program Directors, the Nurses, the Office Manager, the Director of Recruiting, the Receptionist, the Training Coordinator, and many more. You see, we’ve all done direct care, and that’s…

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Estate Planning Seminar

We were fortunate enough to hear from Mark Mischke, Eric Jonsgaard, and Beth Paterson at our Estate Planning Seminar in May. Feel free to use these resources as needed. Mark Mischke: Eric Jonsgaard: Beth Paterson:  

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Identity Protection Tips for Senior Citizens

The Digital Age makes it easy to communicate, share information, and learn new things. However, it also makes us vulnerable to cyber threats and con artists. In fact, in 2018 a poll determined that 60 million Americans have been affected by identity theft. One of the most vulnerable populations to this threat are senior citizens. Our senior…

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10 Dementia Symptoms and Signs to Look Out For

Have you been having a significant loss of memory that even made someone hint at you to see a doctor? Well, this could be a vital sign of dementia, where one develops a persistent disorder of mental processes when the nerve cells of the brain stop working, due to a brain disease or injury. Memory loss…

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