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Estate Planning Seminar

We were fortunate enough to hear from Mark Mischke, Eric Jonsgaard, and Beth Paterson at our Estate Planning Seminar in May. Feel free to use these resources as needed. Mark Mischke: Eric Jonsgaard: Beth Paterson:  

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Identity Protection Tips for Senior Citizens

The Digital Age makes it easy to communicate, share information, and learn new things. However, it also makes us vulnerable to cyber threats and con artists. In fact, in 2018 a poll determined that 60 million Americans have been affected by identity theft. One of the most vulnerable populations to this threat are senior citizens. Our senior…

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10 Dementia Symptoms and Signs to Look Out For

Have you been having a significant loss of memory that even made someone hint at you to see a doctor? Well, this could be a vital sign of dementia, where one develops a persistent disorder of mental processes when the nerve cells of the brain stop working, due to a brain disease or injury. Memory loss…

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Memory Care vs Assisted Living: 5 Important Differences

You’ve been seeing signs for a while now, but maybe you didn’t want to face them. It started out small. Misplaced glasses here. A lost remote there. But then she started forgetting people’s names. Forgetting the words for things. Last week, she got lost coming home from the grocery store.  And she looks bad. Your…

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What to Do When Your Elderly Parent Refuses Help

When an elderly parent refuses help, it can put a great strain on you. You can see that your mom or dad can’t function like they used to. They may exhibit signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. You notice that they’re more frail, and they aren’t keeping up with everyday chores. You offer to help, but…

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